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Know today what could jeopardize operations tomorrow:
Reduce malfunctions and downtime in a targeted manner.

Feel the pulse of the machine

Gear units and bearings are constantly exposed to high loads. Their proper function is essential for the efficient operation of the wind turbine.

A lack of condition data hinders timely maintenance, which should avoid long and expensive downtimes.
Failures and malfunctions at full load times and costly repairs under time pressure are the result.

Have these components monitored without losing important time yourself:

With TLW's Condition Monitoring, the solution to this problem is within reach!

Everything in view

The connection to the TLW Remote-Control-Center enables optimal
monitoring and analysis of the components and systems.

Full control with minimal effort and low costs.

Adaptive and Flexible

Thanks to its modular design, the TLW CM
can be integrated into your plant in just a few steps.

Highly sensitive diagnostic devices provide concrete operating data and
status reports right from installation.

Plant-side messages can also be integrated and controlled.


Contact TLW today to make your plant operation more economical as well.